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  • Multiple Viewpoints: Record from 3 Viewpoints with HD Wide Angle Cameras
  • Front 2K View Cam: Includes a 2K windshield front facing main camera to record what happens in front, in high def 2K video
  • 2 Weatherproof Cams: Includes 2 1080P rear waterproof cams with 19′ cables that you can match on each of your outside rear view mirrors
  • LCD Screen: Includes a 4″ LCD so you can view all recordings from your vehicle
  • Easy to Use: Uses only 1 power source for main dash cam that plugs into 12V cigarette lighter charger or purchase direct power hard wire kit
  • Fraud Protection: Prove what happened from 3 Viewpoints! No more “He Said, She Said”
  • Immediate Playback: Show police officers at the scene of accident of the recording, so the officer can issue the ticket/citation in your favor